First visit to Blue Lagoon

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

After more than a month living in Malta, finally last Sunday I went to Blue Lagoon, on the island of Comino.

A calm beach with turquoise waters, almost looks like a lake. It is rocky, like most, and if you get away from the busiest area you can enjoy amazing landscapes.

It is true that I chose the worst day to go, the only fault I can put is that on Sunday it was very crowded. Some Maltese friends have told me that it is much better to go from Monday to Thursday and in the months of June or September, when it is a good temperature and it is still high season, but the number of tourists on the island decreases.

I spent most of the day in the water, so I didn’t have to plant my towel in the crowd. There is a locker service that makes life a lot easier for you in Blue Lagoon, so you can stop worrying of your valuables and enjoy the day. I left almost everything on a locker and took only my snorkel glasses and my camera. You can go swimming or snorkeling to a small islet in front, near which there are corals where you can find a lot of fish that can be seen perfectly in those transparent waters.

To have lunch, there isn’t a great variety of places in the little space that surrounds Blue Lagoon, but you have burgers or sandwiches at a good price. I took food from home thinking it would be very expensive, but the truth is that for the next time I prefer to don’t go over-loaded and buy there something to eat.

And how to get to Blue Lagoon? I decided to go by bus to Cirkewwa and there take a ferry to Blue Lagoon (10 € round trip). There are also excursions that make a route through the island of Comino and depart from Valletta or Sliema, with 4 hours free in Blue Lagoon and Boat Parties that make a stop there, but this time, the first I went, I preferred to go at my pace.

I upload some photos so that you have an idea of ​​what is the Blue Lagoon. Of course and despite the large number of people there, you have to go!

Blue Lagoon

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