Maltese food

Maltese cuisine is the result of the large number of different cultures that have lived in the island. Mediterranean food with Italian and Arabic influence with their personal touch. In addition to their best recipes, goat cheese and wines stand out. And of course, a simple but tasty appetizer: Maltese bread (slices of bread with olive oil, greased in tomatoes and oregano). I tell you more!

Maltese rabbit

Stewed rabbit with onion, garlic, tomato, carrot, potato. It is one of the most famous dishes of traditional Maltese cuisine and you can find it in any restaurant with typical food here.

Lampuki pie

Based on a fish called Lampuki. It also incorporates typical flavours of Maltese and Mediterranean cuisine such as onion, spinach and tomato. The result is a kind of delicious fish quiche.


In this recipe you can see the Italian influence and as I said before, it has a distinctive Maltese touch. They are macaroni bolognese coated with puff pastry. Personally, it doesn’t convince me, but if you are very hungry it is a great option (it fills a lot).


A very simple dish, on the way between sandwich and kebab. You’ll find ftiras with a thousand different fillings, many of them fit for vegans. And how about a Cisk? 😛

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