Maltese Language

Do you know what halib means? It means “milk” in Maltese. After almost three months living in Malta is the moment to talk about the Maltese language. Surely, in other European countries 90 days would be enough to learn the most basic of the language, but in Malta does not happen the same. They have two official languages – English and Maltese – and all foreigners are focused on the first one, which will be more useful and also we have a base. What about Maltese? A language that today I can’t understand.

However, I would like to learn the basics. So, today I’m going to talk about Maltese, a language that comes from Arabic and influenced by Italian and English. In addition to his famous mela (so) and isma (listen), this is the translation of some basic words and phrases:

Yes                                           Iva           

No                                            Le

Good morning                       Bongu

Good afternoon                    Bonswa

Nice to meet you                  Ghandi Pjacir

How are you?                        Kif inti?

My name is                           Jisimni

Please                                   Jekk joghgbok

Thank you                            Grazzi

Goodbay                               Sahha

Sorry                                     Skuzani

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