Searching for a job in Malta


A lot of people ask me what they can do to get a job in Malta, about working conditions and if a high level of English is essential. For this reason, I tought could be good for those who are looking for an adventure in Malta.

About the English level. It is true that in other English speaking countries it’s more complicated to find a job with only basic English, but here in Malta there are so many jobs focused on tourism (Italian, Spanish, French …) that it is not necessary to have a high level. Of course, a minimum is required, because otherwise your only options will be cleaning or washing dishes. The better English level you have, the more jobs you can choose.

This issue is related with working conditions. In general, salaries in catering and unskilled jobs are usually low. But if you handle well with the language you can access qualified jobs, whose salaries can be much higher. The iGaming sector, for example, is growing on the island, many jobs are offered in this area and they are very well paid.

Is it possible to find work in Malta from my country? It is not the most common, but I know several cases. I can tell you first hand that my boyfriend got a qualified job in a Maltese company while he was in Spain, only after a telephone interview. Personally, I was sending email with my CV a few weeks before I moved here and once I arrived. After four days in Malta, I found a job as a receptionist in a hotel.

As for advice, I can tell you that you can take a look at the Europass CV model and you should send a cover letter as well. There are hundreds of companies looking for workers in Malta, you will find offers on the Internet and also outside of many shops and restaurants: STAFF WANTED. These are some web sites that can help you in your job search in Malta:

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