Mdina & Rabat

If I say Malta, what do you think? Usually, we think about beach and party. But this country is much more than that, especially for those who, like me, are not spending the day at the beach or we don’t feel like going to clubs in Paceville.

One of the places that I like the most is Mdina. This small walled city is located in the center-west of the island. Founded by the Phoenicians and through which Romans and Normans have passed. After a earthquake and the rebuilding of the city in the Baroque, this is the style that predominates. It is not the remains of an old city, but a fully walled city, where 300 people live today.

You find the cathedral easily, in the main square of the city, dating from the 11th century. And to finish the visit, do not miss the viewpoint from which you can see all the island. Walking through the narrow streets of Mdina you will move to another era for a few hours.

On the outskirts of Mdina is Rabat, known for its catacombs of Roman origin. The culture of Ancient Rome did not allow to bury the bodies in the city, a fact that gave rise to the St. Paul and St. Agatha Catacombs. The entrance costs € 5 (€ 3.50 with student card or young card) and they are very well preserved.

An image says more than a thousand words.

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