Transport in Malta

One of the most important issues when arriving in a new country is transport. Starting with the arrival at the airport, when you think: “And now how do I get to the hotel?” And always if you live here, because cities in Malta are very small and it is difficult to work, live and spend all the time in the same place without getting tired.

Well, I tell you two official options and another one not so official. Bus, taxi / shuttle or the van of a stranger who is going over the island – I assure you that in the end he will become known-.

The price of the bus is € 2 but there are passes and also cards for residents with what you pay € 0.75 per trip (€ 2.50 on night routes). The north of the island is quite well connected but here the timetable is illustrative (at the most) and although there is an app in which you can consult more accurately when your bus arrives, many times it fails and you can miss your bus. It is not a big problem for tourists but it is for those who live here, because to go to work the buses can give you more of a displeasure. There are night buses on Friday and Saturday, but during the week they make their last trip between 21 and 22:30.

Taxis are quite expensive. A pre-booked price is normally paid. It may be an option to go to the airport or to share after party night.

And what about the vans? This is the unofficial choice, Maltese people who earn some money by bringing people all over the island. The price is between € 2 and € 5 and they can get you out of a hurry. The first one I took was from St. Julian (where I work) to Mosta (where I live), after losing the night bus and checking that the taxi would cost € 17. It was 4 o’clock in the morning and I saw people asking to the van drivers where they were going in San Giljan bus stop. At first, I didn’t think this kind of transport was very reliable, but I had no choice and I joined the crowd to get home that night. Finally, the driver of one of the most dilapidated vans told me that he was going to Bugibba and then to Mosta for € 2 per passenger, so I went with him. A curious experience, but thanks to which I arrived for a very economic price (more than the night bus!).

After my experience in this country I can assure that the best option to enjoy Malta is to move by car. That’s why I’m already looking at cheap second-hand cars. I keep telling you in the next post and I am at your disposal for any questions;)

Enjoy Malta!

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