Maltese ID Card

A real headache when you want to live in Malta for a while: the ID Card for residents in the country. This post tells everything you need so that you can successfully apply for it in a single trip to Floriana.

For European Union citizens it is relatively easy to get the Maltese ID Card, but you have to know about the different types of forms that exist and all the paperwork for the application.

For all those who come to Malta to work there are two types of form: Employment / Self Employment – CEA Form A, for those who already have a job on the island; and the Economic Self Sufficiency – CEA Form J, for those who have not found a job yet, but can prove that they have enough savings to survive in the meanwhile without any help -you must have a minimum of € 4,000 in your bank account- .

To speed up the process, I recommend that you download the corresponding form on this link and take it already filled in to Identity Malta (Floriana). If you have any doubt with any of the sections, there they will help you to complete it correctly.

As for all the documentation that you must attach together with the application, it is the following:

– Copy of ID / passport and original.

– Copy of job contract and company data (VAT and PIN).

Social Security number. You can get it at your nearest Social Security office.

– Copy of the rent contract.

JobPlus. Ask at any JobPlus office for the document you need for the ID Card application. If I remember correctly, it had a price of about € 2.

– In the case of CEA Form J, you must also submit a copy of your bank statement.

Oh, and be prepared because at Identity Malta they will take a picture of you, whatever you wear, which will remain forever in your ID.

Once the application is submitted, they give you a provisional certificate with your Maltese ID number. And after 4 or 5 weeks, you get the definitive card, which is necessary for many things in Malta, such as buying a car, receiving help to find a job with JobPlus or opening a bank account.



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