Opening a bank account in Malta

Opening a bank account in Europe is usually as simple as going to a branch with your ID, but in Malta it is much more complicated and some companies “insist” you to receive your wage via transfer. This is what I did:

I started contacting Bank of Valletta (BOV), since it has many offices and it is also the bank with which my company worked. They explained all the paperwork I had to take-I do not even remember the immense list-after that they had to give me approval and I needed to bring a kind of letter of recommendation from my company and € 200 as the first income.

When my boss heard about the long wait, he recommended me to go to MaltaPost to try my luck. Yes, I had never heard something like that, but apparently, in other countries like France you can also open an account at the post office.

These are all you have to take to get an account in MaltaPost in one trip:

Passport. In this case it is not enough with the ID, even if you belong to the European Union.

Maltese ID Card. It is necessary to have the Maltese residence card.

Job contract.

– The ID number of both your father and your mother.

€ 50 minimum.

They instantly give you a form that you can fill in there and after some weeks you receive all the paperwork and your credit card. The name of the bank where you open the account is Lombard Bank and it also has its official branches, apart from those of MaltaPost.

And you? What experience have you had with the Maltese banks?

opening a bank account in malta

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